Tracey Brown has been an artist all her life – or at least deep down she has wanted to be! Art was always one of her best subjects in school. Much of her free time growing up was spent drawing and creating things. Once she graduated from high school, she attended the University of Calgary . At first, she majored in Drama and planned on being a drama teacher. After the first year, she returned to her first love which was art itself. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art majoring in School Art in 1996. Disenchanted with the public education system as it was, Tracey did not pursue a teaching career after University. Instead, she did what anyone would do and got full time work status at her retail job. Years went by and she finally noticed that this was not a fulfilling career for her. Aviation was the answer!
    It took 3 years at the airline, but Tracey eventually became an Aircraft Maintenance Planner for the JT8D engine series. This was an amazingly cool job! It was a male dominated industry in which Tracey could prove that she was as smart and talented as any guy! She got to travel the world! Granted, it was only to engine shops, but at least she’d done a drive-by of Versailles ! And she got to work all those hours every week making the job her ticket to paying bills and her entire social life! Woo hoo!
    She noticed something was missing in her life. She got a puppy! That helped. She wanted to be home more, so she worked a little less. But there was still this need that she had. She needed to create something – anything! She decided that the jewellery class she’d been looking at for so long at the Alberta College of Art and Design would be just the thing to help out. That class was a turning point in her life. Tracey left the world of Aviation in March 2004.
    With so much time on her hands and such a love of creation, Tracey began to search for an outlet for her creativity. She e-mailed Karen Scarlett at Pretty Twisted, a jewellery company in Calgary , Alberta . Karen liked her work and in May of 2004 Tracey began to twist for Pretty Twisted. That was a bit short lived as Tracey met her fabulous husband to be, Marc, in July that year and Karen moved on to New York. Tracey decided to pursue her own work as she and her husband moved on to Castor and then to Hinton. Now she has relocated for a (hopefully) final time to Cochrane, AB.
    Having finally come to terms with her desire to be an artist, Tracey continues to take classes and workshops on other techniques and methods. She love metal work and she loves to see the light in people’s eyes when they “click” with a particular creation. She is also enjoying teaching some of the wirework techniques she has developed.
    Thank you for peeking into a little bit of Tracey’s life! Stay tuned for the fantastic new creations Tracey will be making in her new home of Cochrane, Alberta. That is, if her baby has some good long naps!